Here's a way to show you the quality of our sheds vs. all the others.  Walk inside one of our sheds, shut the door and cover the window.

What do you see?

It's Dark.  Thats what you'll see (?) inside one of our sheds with the window blocked.  No light under the wall panels or above this joint or that door. No gaps.  Our sheds are built with a perfectly fit weatherproof mold that keeps the moisture and bugs out.  No little critters in your shed unless you invite them.  However, we do invite you to step inside other sheds on the market and then step inside ours.

Plus, we don't sell you what we have, we sell you what you want. Your shed is custom built, and there is no extra charge. You'll choose where you want the door and window/vent even in our smallest shed. Or would you want two vents and no windows?  It's up to you, Pre-wired electric comes standard even in the smallest sheds with outlets and lights set to go.

our business model

Why should you do business with ShedMovers?  First, we're locally owned and operated, part of the Central Florida community just like you.  Second, it all starts at the top, and we have one of the few old fashioned owners left on the planet in Ron Farmer.  Ron believes your word is as good as a contract.  Your handshake seals the deal.  No money is asked from you until we provide the exact product or service desired and you are 100% satisfied. People are always treated right and given a fair deal with no hidden "catches" and no surprises.

ShedMovers has become the premier shed dealer in the state, and we're the only full service shed dealer in Central Florida.  A quality team of professionals equipped with the best tools in the business.  All this gives you an exceptional experience at ShedMovers, and one we hope you'll tell your friends about.

our materials

Our Accu-Steel sheds use the best materials you'll find anywhere.  Period.

It's tough to believe that their the same price as all the others.  You can afford the very best!

Take a look at our shed construction/features page for a full list of all the superior materials we use!


our guarantee

No fine print here, simply put,  we guarantee your new sheds integrity for your lifetime and give you a lifetime installation warranty as well.   There's no one that can match our products and services. If you like, you can look over our models for details on the Lark manufactures warranty, but our warranty and our word to you, extends above and beyond it.

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